Across the Border, a Handshake: PM Modi Congratulates Sheikh Hasina on Historic Fourth Term


On January 8th, 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended warm congratulations to his Bangladeshi counterpart, Sheikh Hasina, on her historic victory in the country’s general elections. Hasina’s landslide win secured her a remarkable fourth consecutive term as Prime Minister, solidifying her position as Bangladesh’s longest-serving head of state.

A Landslide Victory:

Hasina’s Awami League party secured a resounding victory, winning 254 out of 300 seats in the parliament. This overwhelming mandate marks a testament to the Bangladeshi people’s faith in her leadership and her party’s development-oriented policies.

Sheikh Hasina addressing a rally during the election campaign

A Bond Across Borders:

Prime Minister Modi expressed his warm felicitations in a phone call to Hasina, highlighting the “enduring and people-centric partnership” between India and Bangladesh. He further reaffirmed India’s commitment to strengthening bilateral ties and working together for the “mutual benefit of both nations.”

Aspect Key Developments
Trade and Investment Steady increase in bilateral trade, crossing $10 billion; Indian investments in Bangladesh rise significantly.
Connectivity Inauguration of Maitree Setu bridge over Feni River; progress on Akhaura-Agartala rail link and inland waterways connectivity.
Security and Defense Enhanced cooperation in counter-terrorism, border management, and maritime security.
Cultural Exchange Increased exchanges in education, science, technology, and art & culture.
India-Bangladesh Relations During Sheikh Hasina’s Tenure

A Look Ahead:

Hasina’s fourth term presents both challenges and opportunities for Bangladesh. Continued economic growth, poverty reduction, and addressing climate change remain key priorities. India, as a close neighbor and development partner, is positioned to play a significant role in supporting Bangladesh’s future endeavors.

The historic nature of Hasina’s victory holds profound implications for the region. Her continued leadership marks a period of stability and progress for Bangladesh, paving the way for further growth and cooperation with India and other regional partners.

Beyond the Handshake:

Prime Minister Modi’s prompt congratulations and emphasis on strengthening bilateral ties highlight the strategic importance India places on its relationship with Bangladesh. As both nations embark on new chapters under their respective leaders, the potential for enhanced collaboration and regional growth promises to be exciting.

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