Hear Yourself Book at Dwarka Mela 2024

Hear Yourself Book at Dwarka Mela 2024

Hear Yourself Book at Dwarka Mela 2024 As with every day, crowds thronged to Dwarka Mela 2024, seeking the quintessential joy it offers. Amidst the festivities, visitors delight in a myriad of experiences – from exhilarating rides and culinary delights to shopping sprees, immersive virtual reality games, and the enchantment of an underwater fish tunnel.

Amidst this lively scene, a dedicated group of volunteers stands out, driven by a noble purpose – spreading the message of peace championed by Prem Rawat.

These volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, including B.Techs, doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, retired defence personnel, MBAs, chartered accountants, entrepreneurs, YouTubers, and students. These individuals represent just a fraction of the countless hearts touched by Prem’s message, united in their commitment to sharing tranquillity and understanding with visitors from all walks of life.

Navigating through the bustling crowds, the volunteers extend warm invitations to listen to Prem Rawat’s message of peace. Some are drawn by curiosity, while others seek solace amidst the excitement. Despite distractions, the volunteers remain steadfast, striving to ignite introspection and inspire a journey towards inner peace.

Today’s centre of attraction was Prem Rawat’s book Hear Yourself – How to find Peace in the Noisy World.

Prem Rawat’s “Hear Yourself – How to Find Peace in the Noisy World” resonates as a beacon of tranquility in today’s chaotic world. As a New York Times bestseller, it offers a deeply personal journey from Rawat’s youth to his global peace mission. Through encounters with diverse individuals and poignant reflections, Prem Rawat shares profound insights on reclaiming inner peace. Rooted in simplicity and accessibility, the book inspires readers to listen to their hearts and embrace life’s profound possibilities. With timeless wisdom and practical guidance, “Hear Yourself” empowers individuals to navigate life’s noise and discover the serenity within. To know more about the book visit Prem’s persona website or book’s website.

Hear Yourself Book at Dwarka Mela 2024

What do people say after watching Prem Rawat’s message?

Nandita,”Feeling so peaceful, just like I am in heaven. Shanti is not a word it is the truth of life. Fabolous. Thank you.”

Deepak Adhikari,”The video suggests that inner peace is something we need to address in this modern world. I will read the book and explore more. Thanks”

Laveena,”Nice way to teach people, how to find peace.”

Kanika Bhatacharya,” Very good concept. Learnt a birght new idea on apiritual life. Everybody should follow it. Thank you for such a nice idea.”

Seeing her interest in the message volunteers gifted her a copy of Hear Yourself – How to find Peac in the Noisy World book, and she commented “Very interesting. Mind opening. Thank you for the book.”

What volunteers say?

Today we had a conversation with Dinesh Atrish, an IT professional about his journey and why is he volunteering.

Dinesh Atrish,” One of my neighbours introduced me to Prem Rawat’s message when I was going through a rough patch of my life. His message touched me from the very first day, it’s twenty years now and I still get amazed how he touches my heart every time I listen to him. I love volunteering for him as I feel that everyone needs inner peace, people may not realize it today, but they will definitely understand the importance of inner peace in their life someday.”

On a closing note, we just love talking to these volunteers and quite impressed with their enthusiasm.

We are looking forward to talking to another volunteer tomorrow… stay tuned…

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