My family is proud and happy to see me on big screen in the film Kanubhai

My family is proud and happy to see me on big screen in the film Kanubhai The Great Actor Satyyaa Patel

By Satyaa Patel Actor

My family is proud and happy to see me on big screen in the film “Kanubhai The Great” Actor Satyyaa Patel Satyyaa Patel, Dadasaheb Phalke Indian Television Awardee in 2023, a rising and shining star in film industry.

Actor Satyyaa Patel recently graced the big screen of theaters in the film “Kanubhai The Great”

The film is based on Life story of Padma Shri Kanubhai Tailor. I am grateful and lucky to be part of this film, says satyyaa Patel. film Kanubhai the great has been released in December 2023.

When actor satyyaa Patel is being asked about his film and how he is feeling now while promoting it. Actor Satyyaa Patel said, “I can’t express my feelings in words while seeing self on big screens”

My parents and family is happy and proud to see me on big screens, Also getting positive response from the people making me more responsible towards my acting journey.

Satyyaa Patel has appeared in some web series, short films, and some music videos.

Satyyaa Says, I have 2 more films lined up this year. One of them is life chhe khati mithi just like “JalJeera” from Alok Film Production & Artistic Soul Production and the other one is “Dev Vs Pagli” Co actors Dikshant Rajput & Nishant Aarya.

Satyyaa Patel Added,

Apart from this films, people will also see me in a thriller and suspense story based Hindi Web series by artistic soul production named “FREE BIRD” with Co actors Aryank Singh, Pooja Patel and Riddhi Upadhyay, produced by Yeshal Shah, Written & Directed by Gaurav Ocean, Editing by Neel Gajjar & Ritika Loke.

Satyyaa Patel has only consistently grown and shown his best talents in the modelling and acting niches in just few short years. He claims that his love for fashion and cinema has no limits and that he has already proved by the incredible craft he has built for himself as a Fashionista and Actor. Everyone wants to attain fame and popularity but reaching the peak demands strong attitude, hard work, dedication, patience and uniqueness. Ticking all the boxes and risings like a strong is a small-town boy born and brought from Pusad, Maharashtra and Basically from Vadodara Gujarat. Satyyaa has created ripples on social media with HI’s antics, amassing a fans base and regular content creation has carved a separate niche for Satya Patel.

Satyyaa Patel’s transition from Fashion Modelling to Acting has brought him a fresh set of challenges and opportunities. He added, “The best part of an actor from Fashion Modelling to acting in films and web series is the opportunity to explore a wider audience and more diverse roles. Starting my journey from City level fashion shows, I feel excited about the new challenges and the chance to grow as an actor.”

What sets Satyyaa Patel apart is his unwavering belief that the industry itself need not change, but rather, individuals within it should focus on becoming more adaptable and resilient. He acknowledges the competitive nature of the film world and the inevitable ups and downs, but his approach is one of acceptance and personal growth.

“I cherish the film industry as a beautiful and creative world. While competition and ups and downs are inevitable, I believe that instead of changing the industry, we should focus on changing ourselves, becoming more adaptable and capable of handling any situation with acceptance and resilience,” he added.

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