My Tirth India is looking For Investors

My Tirth India is looking For Investors

My Tirth India, touted to be the next Unicorn and pan India aggregator for all Spiritual Services is halting salary payments to employees from May,24 — the outcome of a delay in its search for a partner that can acquire the company and a sudden halt in plans to fund from its primary investor.

“My Tirth India remains operational, a proud team that stands behind it, irrespective of the tight financial pinch that the company is in,” said Founder & MD, Indraneel Dasgupta.

The company also carried out salary cuts earlier. “The delay in the partnership hurt everyone without an exception, the company has been looking for fundraising or a tie-up with a strategic partner that would help it scale up its operations, but till date, talks haven’t been fructified.” concluded Dasgupta.

My Tirth India is a startup that brings together the confluence of the history, culture and spirituality that is the very essence of India.
From Travel to the lodging to the Fooding, Sightseeing and above all hassle free Darshan and Puja, My Tirth India provides home to home special services for any devotee looking to visit his / her Divine.

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