The top ten IoT startups in India are advancing innovation in smart home, healthcare, agriculture, and industrial automation with state-of-the-art technologies. These innovative businesses use the Internet of Things to boost productivity, increase connectivity, and provide insightful data. Find out about their innovative technology, market influence, and room for expansion. Discover how these firms are changing the IoT scene in India and beyond, whether you’re an investor, tech enthusiast, or professional in the field. Here, we showcase ten top Internet of Things startups that are revolutionising India’s tech scene.

1. Stellapps

founded in 2011 and headquartered in Bengaluru, specializes in dairy technology solutions using IoT. It offers smart devices and analytics platforms that monitor milk production, herd health, and milk quality in real-time. Stellapps’ solutions help dairy farmers improve productivity and efficiency.

Founded 2011
Headquarters Bengaluru
Industry Dairy technology
Focus IoT solutions for milk production
Innovation Real-time monitoring

Stellapps – Top 10 IoT Startups in India

2. Altizon Systems

established in 2013 in Pune, is an industrial IoT (IIoT) company. It offers Datonis, a cloud-based IoT platform that helps businesses connect machines, analyze operational data, and optimize processes. Altizon’s solutions cater to manufacturing, energy, and pharmaceutical industries.

Founded 2013
Headquarters Pune
Industry Industrial IoT (IIoT)
Platform Datonis
Focus Operational data analytics

Altizon Systems – Top 10 IoT Startups in India

3. Smartron

founded in 2014 and based in Hyderabad, is an IoT startup that designs and manufactures smart devices and IoT products. It offers a range of products including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and IoT-enabled home automation solutions.

Founded 2014
Headquarters Hyderabad
Products Smartphones, tablets, wearables, home automation
Specialty IoT-enabled devices
Innovation Smart technology integration

Smartron – Top 10 IoT Startups in India

4. Cubical Labs

launched in 2015 in Bengaluru, focuses on building IoT solutions for smart homes and offices. It offers smart lighting systems, energy management solutions, and security devices that can be controlled via mobile apps.

Founded 2015
Headquarters Bengaluru
Products Smart lighting, energy management, security
Focus IoT solutions for smart environments
Innovation Mobile app control

Cubical Labs – Top 10 IoT Startups in India

5. Uncanny Vision

established in 2013 and based in Bengaluru, specializes in AI-powered video analytics solutions for IoT applications. It offers surveillance systems, smart city solutions, and retail analytics platforms that enhance security and operational efficiency.

Founded 2013
Headquarters Bengaluru
Solutions Video analytics, surveillance, smart city
Specialty AI-powered IoT applications
Innovation Enhanced security and efficiency

Uncanny Vision – Top 10 IoT Startups in India

6. Hug Innovations

founded in 2016 and headquartered in Hyderabad, focuses on wearable technology and IoT-enabled devices. It offers smart watches and IoT solutions that integrate health monitoring, fitness tracking, and communication functionalities.

Founded 2016
Headquarters Hyderabad
Products Smart watches, IoT devices
Specialty Wearable technology
Innovation Health monitoring integration

Hug Innovations – Top 10 IoT Startups in India

7. Inoho

launched in 2014 in Bengaluru, specializes in IoT-based home automation solutions. It offers smart switches, lighting controls, and energy management systems that can be controlled remotely via mobile apps.

Founded 2014
Headquarters Bengaluru
Solutions Home automation, smart switches, lighting
Focus IoT for residential spaces
Innovation Remote control via mobile apps

Inoho – Top 10 IoT Startups in India

8. Zenatix Solutions

founded in 2013 and based in Gurgaon, offers IoT-based energy management solutions for commercial buildings and retail chains. It provides real-time monitoring of energy consumption, predictive maintenance, and efficiency optimization.

Founded 2013
Headquarters Gurgaon
Industry Energy management
Solutions IoT for commercial buildings
Focus Real-time monitoring

Zenatix Solutions – Top 10 IoT Startups in India

9. AerNos

, established in 2015 in Bengaluru, develops IoT-enabled nano gas sensors for air quality monitoring and environmental sensing. Its sensors are used in smart cities, industrial facilities, and consumer wearables for health and safety applications.

Founded 2015
Headquarters Bengaluru
Products Nano gas sensors, air quality monitoring
Specialty Environmental IoT solutions
Innovation Health and safety applications

AerNos – Top 10 IoT Startups in India

10. Altigreen

founded in 2013 and based in Bengaluru, specializes in IoT solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles. It offers retrofit kits and smart vehicle systems that enhance vehicle performance, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Founded 2013
Headquarters Bengaluru
Industry Automotive IoT
Solutions Electric vehicle technology
Focus Vehicle performance enhancement

Altigreen – Top 10 IoT Startups in India

FAQs about Top 10 IoT Startups in India

Q: What is an IoT startup?

A: An IoT startup is a company that develops Internet of Things solutions, integrating sensors, devices, and software to connect and exchange data over the internet. These startups innovate across industries, enhancing efficiency, automation, and connectivity.

Q: How do IoT startups benefit industries?

A: IoT startups benefit industries by enabling real-time data monitoring, predictive analytics, process automation, and remote management. They optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve productivity across manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and more.

Q: Are IoT startups regulated in India?

A: Yes, IoT startups in India are subject to regulations concerning data privacy, cybersecurity, and compliance with industry standards. They must adhere to guidelines set by government bodies to ensure secure and reliable IoT solutions.

Q: Are IoT devices secure?

A: Most IoT startups prioritize cybersecurity measures and encryption protocols to protect data transmitted and stored by IoT devices. Users should ensure devices are updated with the latest security patches and follow best practices for IoT security.

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