A Dazzling Dawn: Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha Rituals Begin, Enthralling Ayodhya


The sacred city of Ayodhya is aglow with an otherworldly radiance as the long-awaited Pran Pratistha rituals for the Ram Mandir commenced on January 16, 2024. This seven-day odyssey of consecration ceremonies marks the culmination of decades of devotion, perseverance, and unwavering faith, culminating in the installation of the divine idols in the newly constructed temple.

A tapestry of tradition:

Each day of the Pran Pratistha is meticulously choreographed, adhering to ancient Vedic rituals and scriptures. Let’s embark on this spiritual journey, unraveling the significance of each step:

Day 1 – January 16: The auspicious journey begins with Prayaschitta and Karmakuti Poojan, seeking forgiveness for any unintentional transgressions during the construction and invoking divine blessings.

Day 2 – January 17: The Parisar Pravesh of the Murti takes center stage. The divine idols, sculpted from sacred black stone, are ceremoniously brought into the temple complex, marking their first entry into their eternal abode.

Day 3 – January 18 (Morning): The temple undergoes a cosmic purification as Aushadhadhivas, Kesaradhivas, and Ghritadhivas are performed. These rituals involve anointing the sanctum sanctorum with a blend of medicinal herbs, saffron, and clarified butter, imbuing the space with sanctity and prosperity.

Day 3 – January 18 (Evening): Witness the celestial spectacle of Teerth Poojan, Jal Yatra, and Gandhadhivas. Holy water from sacred rivers across India is brought to Ayodhya for the consecration, symbolizing the unity and devotion of the nation.

Day 4 – January 19: The earth itself becomes an offering in the Dhanyadhivas ceremony. Grains and pulses are showered upon the temple grounds, expressing gratitude to Mother Earth for her bounty.

Day 5 – January 20 (Morning): Sweetness fills the air with Sharkaradhivas and Phaladhivas. Sugar and fruits are dedicated to the deities, signifying the sweetness of devotion and the fruits of righteous action.

Day 5 – January 20 (Evening): Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of Pushpadhivas. A carpet of flowers adorns the temple, creating a fragrant paradise worthy of the divine presence.

Day 6 – January 21: The penultimate day witnesses Madhyadhivas, a nourishing offering of honey and milk, symbolizing the sustenance of life and the divine nectar of immortality.

Day 7 – January 22: The grand finale arrives with the Shaiyadhivas. In the auspicious Abhijit Muhurta, the divine idols are finally placed on their thrones in the sanctum sanctorum, marking the culmination of the Pran Pratistha and the official consecration of the Ram Mandir.

A symphony of celebration:

This grand occasion transcends the realm of mere rituals. It is a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of devotion, unity, and cultural heritage. Ayodhya is pulsating with an electrifying fervor, with devotees from across the country congregating to witness this historic moment. Bhajans and devotional hymns fill the air, while elaborate processions and cultural performances paint the city in vibrant hues.

A bridge to the future:

The Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha is not just about the consecration of a temple; it is a symbolic bridge connecting the past, present, and future. It stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of faith, the resilience of tradition, and the unifying power of shared cultural heritage. As the doors of the Ram Mandir open to welcome devotees, it marks the dawn of a new era of hope, harmony, and spiritual awakening for India.

Day Ritual Significance
Day 1 Prayaschitta and Karmakuti Poojan Seeking forgiveness and invoking blessings.
Day 2 Parisar Pravesh of the Murti Bringing the idols into the temple complex.
Day 3 (Morning) Aushadhadhivas, Kesaradhivas, and Ghritadhivas Purification with herbs, saffron, and clarified butter.
Day 3 (Evening) Teerth Poojan, Jal Yatra, and Gandhadhivas Consecration with holy water and fragrant offerings.
Day 4 Dhanyadhivas Offering of grains and pulses.
Day 5 (Morning) Sharkaradhivas and Phaladhivas Offering of sugar and fruits.
Day 5 (Evening) Pushpadhivas Offering of flowers.
The key rituals

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