Chetan Bhagat’s Comic Genius Takes Center Stage in Henry Harvin’s Career Liberation Campaign


National, 6th February 2024: Henry Harvin Education, a leading ed-tech platform dedicated to upskilling and reskilling programs for young professionals, proudly announces its collaboration with renowned author and thought leader Chetan Bhagat for its latest ad campaign titled “StuckAtTheWrongJob.” This marks the first time that Chetan Bhagat has graced the screen for an extended duration, bringing his signature humor to convey a powerful message about finding one’s passion through education and skill development.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a light-hearted and quirky video that features a couple rushing into a police station to report the “theft” of their son, portrayed by Chetan Bhagat himself. In a role that showcases his imaginative and witty side, Bhagat plays Officer Chetan, a humorous police officer who transforms the mundane act of filing a complaint into a captivating story. The “theft” in question is not a physical possession but a misdirected career path.

In the narrative, the husband-and-wife duo, portrayed by the endearing couple, seeks to file an FIR for the “theft” of their son, whom the wrong career has supposedly taken away. Officer Chetan, played by Bhagat, adds a touch of drama and humor to the situation, creating an engaging and memorable storyline.

The ad concludes with Bhagat suggesting a unique FIR title, “Maa k Anchal se Anchal ko Maa banane tak ka safar” (The journey from the mother’s embrace to embracing one’s passion). The voice-over seamlessly transitions to a promotion for Henry Harvin’s diverse courses, encouraging individuals to break free from the shackles of a wrong career choice and explore over 1200 courses across various industries.

Chetan Bhagat spearheads Henry Harvin’s ad campaign, infusing humor and creativity into a potent message of liberation from career norms. As the campaign’s driving force, Bhagat inspires youth to pursue their passions, blending wit, creativity, and education for a refreshing take on career development. This transformative movement, guided by Bhagat’s charisma, prompts individuals to break free from conventional boundaries. The campaign isn’t just promotional; it’s a compelling call to action, urging audiences to chart unique paths and unlock unparalleled professional possibilities under Bhagat’s influential guidance.

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