Henry Harvin Education unveils the world’s 1st Sanskrit-speaking dictionary to pay tribute to lord Ram


National, 23rd January 2024: Henry Harvin Education, a leading ed-tech platform dedicated to upskilling and reskilling programs for young professionals, proudly introduced the world’s inaugural physical-speaking Sanskrit Dictionary on 22nd January 2023 to pay tribute to lord Ram. This pioneering initiative is a testament to the unwavering commitment made four years ago during the historic laying of the foundation stone for the Ram Mandir. In sync with the grandeur of the Ram Mandir inauguration, this groundbreaking contribution from New India’s Edtech sector stands as a unique tribute to that momentous occasion. This unique innovation marks an important milestone in the convergence of education, technology, and cultural heritage.

The Sanskrit Speaking Dictionary, created by the committed team at Henry Harvin Education, is a remarkable achievement that took over three years to develop. It beautifully blends tradition and technology, offering a unique language-learning experience. This dictionary is available in three languages and includes audio pronunciation using the pioneering 2P Technology, representing a substantial improvement in language acquisition. This novel technique makes studying the ancient language approachable and simple, making it suited for those with diverse linguistic backgrounds. The dictionary is a significant achievement in language training, elegantly blending ancient linguistic traditions with cutting-edge research.

Kounal Gupta, CEO and Founder, of Henry Harvin Education said “ As the world witnesses the inauguration of the Ram Mandir, Henry Harvin Education’s Speaking Sanskrit Dictionary stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of New India, combining the ancient with the modern in a harmonious blend. This Sanskrit Speaking Dictionary is an embodiment of our commitment to intertwine tradition with technology seamlessly. This remarkable achievement is more than a mere tool; it’s a testament to our cultural roots flourishing in the embrace of modernity. With over three years of unwavering dedication from our Henry Harvin warriors, this dictionary stands tall to celebrate our rich heritage. It symbolizes innovation, bridging the gap between tradition and technology, and serves as a profound step towards a more connected and inclusive world.”

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