Message of Peace in Dwarka Mela 2024

Message of Peace in Dwarka Mela 2024

Dwarka, Delhi: Message of Peace in Dwarka Mela 2024 The much-anticipated Dwarka Mela 2024 has kicked off in Sector 11, delighting residents of Delhi with its vibrant offerings. Organized annually by the Sector 11 Dwarka committee, this beloved fair has become a staple of the summer season, drawing crowds from across the city.

Known for its affordability and diverse attractions, the Dwarka Mela is a highlight on the calendars of Delhi residents. Families and friends gather to immerse themselves in a plethora of activities, ranging from children’s entertainment to clothing and food stalls brimming with enticing goodies.

In the midst of the bustling festivities, there stands a distinctive stall manned by dedicated volunteers, and what sets it apart is that it offers something beyond tangible. With a steady stream of 100-150 visitors daily and over a dozen volunteers fervently spreading the message of peace, this stall beckons as an essential destination for all attendees.

Volunteers on the stall fervently engage attendees with the profound message of peace advocated by renowned speaker and author, Prem Rawat. Through video programs, clips, and the distribution of Rawat’s acclaimed book ‘Hear Yourself’ and Hindi version of it ‘Swayam Ki Awaaz’, visitors are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner tranquillity.

Packed with powerful insights and compelling stories, ‘Swayam Ki Awaaz: Shore Bhari Iss Duniya Mein Shanti Kaise Paayein’ offers readers an opportunity to delve into an ancient lineage of practical wisdom, illuminating a simple yet profound approach to listening. Prem Rawat reveals how through this practice, individuals can profoundly transform their understanding of themselves, those around them, and their lives.

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What visitors say after watching Prem Rawat’s message of peace videos?
Arvind said, “The session was very engaging and I learnt something which everyone should follow in their daily life. Thanks”

What is the experience of the volunteers?
Yashpal Negi, one of the persons who is volunteering on the stall that is spreading Prem Rawat’s message of peace to the visitors says., “I was introduced to Prem Rawat’s teachings by relatives, I resonated deeply with the idea that true happiness and peace come from within. Despite challenges like limited time, I’ve seen real positive changes in people and communities through our campaigns. Rawat’s simple message has personally helped me see challenges as manageable. My strong belief in its importance drives me to share it widely. Following Rawat’s principles keeps me inspired and guides me toward a more peaceful life.”

Message of Peace in Dwarka Mela 2024

Dwarka Mela is an annual fair organized by the Sector 11 Dwarka committee, offering a diverse array of entertainment, food, and cultural experiences for residents of Delhi. Rooted in community spirit and tradition, Dwarka Mela celebrates the essence of summer with joyous festivities and meaningful interactions.

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