Spreading Peace: Inspiring Stories from Dwarka Mela

Spreading Peace: Inspiring Stories from Dwarka Mela

Spreading Peace: Inspiring Stories from Dwarka Mela In the bustling streets of Delhi’s Dwarka, amidst the chaos of the fairground, there exists a serene oasis of peace. It’s not marked by grand banners or colorful stalls, but by the dedicated souls who gather there, driven by a singular mission – to spread the message of peace championed by Prem Rawat.

At the stroke of 4 pm, a dedicated group of volunteers convenes at Dwarka Mela 2024, diligently preparing their stall to disseminate the message of peace. For them, this fair isn’t just another event; it’s an opportunity to touch hearts and sow the seeds of peace in the hearts of those who visit their stall to listen to Prem Rawat’s message of peace.

These dedicated volunteers courteously invite fair attendees to take a few moments to hear Prem Rawat’s message of peace. While not everyone pauses to heed their request, those who do are profoundly impacted. Many express that this message is precisely what is needed in today’s world. Their stall attracts an average of 100-150 visitors each day, indicating a significant interest in the message of peace that Prem Rawat espouses. Despite the varying responses, the volunteers persist in their efforts, knowing that even touching a few hearts can create ripples of positive change.

A little about Prem Rawat

For over five decades, Prem Rawat has dedicated his life to spreading a timeless message of peace worldwide. His message transcends boundaries of nationality, religion, and lifestyle, affirming that inner peace is not just attainable, but an inherent right for every human being. With unwavering dedication, profound wisdom, and engaging humor, he has impacted countless lives across over 100 countries.

If you want to listen to Prem Rawat’s message of peace, then Prem Rawat’s official YouTube channel offers convenient access to inspirational talks on inner peace and personal fulfilment.

What do people say after watching Prem Rawat’s message?

Sushmita,”It was nice, the way he explained the things about life and reality is quite impressive. Thanks!”

Harsh Vardhan, “Very nice and must for this generation to watch.”

Brijesh Kumar, ”Program is good and I have also seen it on TV and would like to see again after hearing here.”

Dr. Satheese, “It is a very good initiative to explore inner peace. At any point of time its inner peace that decides the fate of human life.”

Spreading Peace: Inspiring Stories from Dwarka Mela

Upon viewing Prem’s message, some visitors engage in dialogue with volunteers and when they get to know about Prem Rawat’s book ‘Swayam Ki Awaaz: Shore Bhari Iss Duniya Mein Shanti Kaise Paayein, they show keen interest in reading it. Then these volunteers gift a copy of Hear Yourself to the visitors happily.

Here is a glimpse of what one of the volunteers’ shares:

Among these volunteers is Chatar Singh, a seasoned player whose undying enthusiasm for spreading peace is infectious. “Upon first hearing Prem Rawat’s message, I was deeply drawn to it, prompting me to seek further understanding of it. As I delved deeper, I found immense joy and fulfilment, spurring me to share this newfound wisdom with others, believing in its transformative power to bring joy amidst life’s responsibilities. Despite facing challenges in spreading his message among diverse religious backgrounds, many acknowledge hearing it for the first time, expressing gratitude and eagerness for more, affirming its timely and profound impact on their lives.”

Will share more insights from this unique stall in coming days…stay tuned.

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