Narendra Modi meets President Murmu, stakes claim to form govt


Narendra Modi, 73, will be sworn on Sunday, June 9, in as the prime minister for a third straight term

summary: Certainly! JD(U) chief criticized certain politicians for winning elections based on empty promises without delivering tangible results for the country. He warned that these individuals would face defeat in the next elections, emphasizing the importance of substantive action over mere rhetoric.

Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi met President Droupadi Murmu on Friday to stake claim to form the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government at the Centre. Modi, 73, will be sworn in for a third consecutive term as Prime Minister on Sunday, June 9, matching the record of India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Modi highlighted the progress made in the last two terms and expressed pride in lifting 25 crore people out of poverty, attributing the achievements to the NDA government’s efforts.

Narendra Modi Government Formation LIVE Updates

Earlier today, Narendra Modi was formally elected as the leader of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), with support from prominent leaders including Telugu Desam Party chief Chandrababu Naidu, Janata Dal (United) president Nitish Kumar, and Janata Dal (Secular) leader HD Kumaraswamy.

Modi stated, “Our 10 years just trailer, we will work much harder, faster for development of our country; people know we will deliver.”

At the NDA meeting, Modi addressed the opposition’s attempts to undermine the victory, saying, “There were efforts to not acknowledge this very victory, to cast a ‘shadow of defeat’ on this victory. But all such efforts remained fruitless… Such things ‘die very young’, and it happened.”

Chandrababu Naidu voiced his endorsement of Narendra Modi as the leader of the coalition, emphasizing the significance of having the right leader at the right time for India. Naidu highlighted the current moment as a crucial opportunity for the country, suggesting that missing it would mean missing out forever. He expressed confidence in Modi’s leadership and the potential it holds for India’s future.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar expressed full support for Narendra Modi, stating confidence in Modi’s ability to develop India. Kumar assured that Bihar’s pending works would be addressed under Modi’s leadership, emphasizing unity among all parties involved. He reiterated the commitment to work under Modi’s leadership and collaborate towards India’s progress.

JD(U) chief added a scathing attack on the opposition, stating that some individuals have won Lok Sabha elections by making empty promises and failing to deliver any substantial work for the country. He warned that in the next elections, such individuals would face defeat, indicating a growing frustration with politicians who prioritize rhetoric over action.

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