Truth behind viral video that claims to show ‘deadly worm’ inside a capsicum


Fact check: A viral video shows a person pulling out a thin, thread-like worm from inside a capsicum. What is the truth behind the footage

summery: A viral video claiming that a worm inside a capsicum can cause death if ingested is misleading. Experts, including Maria Achinelly, have debunked this claim, identifying the worm as likely belonging to the harmless nematomorpha or nematoda family, which parasitize insects but are not dangerous to humans. The worm poses no health risk if touched or ingested.

The viral video claiming that a “deadly worm” inside a capsicum can cause death is misleading. While the footage might depict a worm found in a capsicum, the claims about its lethality are inaccurate. Consuming worms found in vegetables is generally not harmful, though it can be unappetizing. It’s important to verify such claims through credible sources before believing or sharing them on social media.

The viral video warning about a “deadly threadworm” inside a capsicum is spreading misinformation. While it is possible to find worms in vegetables, they are typically not dangerous. Threadworms (or pinworms) mentioned in the video are a type of parasite that primarily spreads through human-to-human contact, not through vegetables like capsicum. Ingesting such a worm from a vegetable is unlikely to cause death. Proper washing and inspection of vegetables before consumption are always recommended to avoid any potential health issues.

A quick search revealed several similar videos shared earlier on social media. While some of the videos claim that it is a worm, others say it is not a worm but a tiny snake. found in capsicum can cause death are misleading. A report by AFP has debunked these claims, stating that the worm shown in the video is harmless and poses no health risk to humans.

Maria Achinelly, a natural sciences doctor and member of the Argentinian Parasitology Association, identified the worm as likely belonging to the nematomorpha or possibly the nematoda of the mermithidae family. Both are harmless to humans and require a magnifying glass or microscope for accurate identification. Proper washing and inspection of vegetables are always recommended, but there is no need for undue alarm.

Maria Achinelly clarified that the worms shown in the viral video are parasites that depend on insects and are not harmful to humans. These worms, likely nematomorpha or nematoda of the mermithidae family, parasitize insects like cockroaches, lobsters, spiders, and scorpions but do not affect birds, reptiles, amphibians, or humans. They are safe to touch and ingest.

Conclusion: The video showing a worm inside a capsicum and claiming it can cause death if ingested is misleading and inaccurate.

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