Top 10 Event Companies in India

Top 10 Event Companies in India

The top ten event firms in India are changing the face of event management with their flawless execution and creative ideas. These top event management companies offer a variety of services, including product launches, music festivals, and lavish weddings in addition to business events. These businesses are known for creating remarkable experiences because of their attention to detail and drive for perfection. India’s event management businesses are renowned for their ingenuity, accuracy, and smooth execution of elaborate events. These businesses provide end-to-end solutions that guarantee unforgettable experiences for a range of events, such as festivals, weddings, concerts, and corporate get-togethers.

1. Wizcraft International Entertainment

Wizcraft is a pioneer in the event management industry in India, known for organizing high-profile events like the IIFA Awards and Commonwealth Games opening ceremonies.

Founded 1988
Headquarters Mumbai
Services Corporate events, concerts, award shows, product launches
Key Features Large-scale event execution, celebrity management

Wizcraft International Entertainment – Top 10 Event Companies in India:
Wizcraft’s extensive experience and innovative approach have made it a leader in organizing major events, ensuring high standards and unforgettable experiences.

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2. Percept Limited

Percept Limited is a leading event management and entertainment company, offering services in event management, media, and communication.

Founded 1984
Headquarters Mumbai
Services Event management, media solutions, brand management
Key Features Integrated services, extensive media network

Percept Limited – Top 10 Event Companies in India:
Percept’s integrated approach combines event management with media and brand management, delivering comprehensive solutions for high-impact events.

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3. Cineyug Entertainment

Cineyug is one of the oldest event management companies in India, specializing in entertainment events, including Bollywood shows and international concerts.

Founded 1983
Headquarters Mumbai
Services Entertainment events, Bollywood shows, concerts
Key Features Celebrity association, large-scale productions

Cineyug Entertainment – Top 10 Event Companies in India:
Cineyug’s expertise in entertainment and celebrity management ensures top-notch event production, particularly in the Bollywood and concert domains.

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4. Showtime Events

Showtime Events specializes in corporate events, providing services like product launches, conferences, and exhibitions with a focus on innovative solutions.

Founded 1996
Headquarters New Delhi
Services Corporate events, product launches, conferences, exhibitions
Key Features Innovative event solutions, high client satisfaction

Showtime Events – Top 10 Event Companies in India:
Showtime’s focus on corporate events and innovative solutions has earned it a reputation for delivering high-quality and impactful events.

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5. Fountainhead MKTG

Fountainhead MKTG is a leading experiential marketing and event management company, offering creative solutions for brand experiences.

Founded 1995
Headquarters Mumbai
Services Experiential marketing, brand activation, corporate events
Key Features Creative brand experiences, strategic event planning

Fountainhead MKTG – Top 10 Event Companies in India:
Fountainhead MKTG combines creativity and strategy to deliver memorable brand experiences through innovative event management and experiential marketing.

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6. Tamarind Global

Tamarind Global is known for its expertise in destination management and wedding planning, providing personalized services for luxury events.

Founded 2006
Headquarters Mumbai
Services Destination management, wedding planning, corporate events
Key Features Personalized service, luxury event expertise

Tamarind Global – Top 10 Event Companies in India:
Tamarind Global’s focus on luxury and personalized services ensures exceptional destination events and weddings, tailored to client preferences.

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7. Seventy Event Media Group (70 EMG)

70 EMG is an award-winning event management company specializing in experiential marketing, corporate events, and brand activation.

Founded 1995
Headquarters Mumbai
Services Experiential marketing, corporate events, brand activation
Key Features Award-winning creativity, high-impact events

Seventy Event Media Group – Top 10 Event Companies in India:
70 EMG’s award-winning approach to experiential marketing and corporate events makes it a leader in delivering high-impact and creatively designed events.

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8. DNA Networks

DNA Networks is a premier event management company with a focus on music concerts, live events, and sports events, known for its large-scale productions.

Founded 1987
Headquarters Bengaluru
Services Music concerts, live events, sports events
Key Features Large-scale event production, extensive experience

DNA Networks – Top 10 Event Companies in India:
DNA Networks’ extensive experience in music and sports event management ensures seamless execution of large-scale live events, making it a go-to choice for grand productions.

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9. WOW Events

WOW Events specializes in corporate events, exhibitions, and brand activations, offering creative and strategic solutions to enhance brand visibility.

Founded 2004
Headquarters New Delhi
Services Corporate events, exhibitions, brand activations
Key Features Strategic planning, creative execution

WOW Events – Top 10 Event Companies in India:
WOW Events’ strategic approach to corporate events and brand activations ensures enhanced brand visibility and engagement through creative execution.

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10. E Factor Entertainment

E Factor Entertainment is known for its expertise in wedding planning, social events, and corporate gatherings, providing bespoke event solutions.

Founded 2001
Headquarters New Delhi
Services Wedding planning, social events, corporate events
Key Features Bespoke solutions, attention to detail

E Factor Entertainment – Top 10 Event Companies in India:
E Factor’s personalized approach to wedding planning and social events, combined with its attention to detail, ensures bespoke solutions that cater to unique client needs.

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FAQs on Top 10 Event Companies in India

  1. What is an event management company?
    • An event management company specializes in planning, organizing, and executing events such as conferences, weddings, concerts, and corporate functions.
  2. What services do event management companies offer?
    • Services include event planning, coordination, logistics, marketing, vendor management, on-site management, and post-event evaluation.
  3. How do event management companies charge for their services?
    • Pricing models vary, including fixed fees, percentage of event budget, or hourly rates, depending on the scope and scale of the event.
  4. Why should I hire an event management company?
    • Hiring an event management company ensures professional planning and execution, saving time, reducing stress, and often providing cost savings through vendor relationships.
  5. Can event management companies handle large-scale events?
    • Yes, many event management companies specialize in large-scale events, leveraging their experience, resources, and industry connections to ensure successful execution.
  6. Do event management companies offer services for destination events?
    • Yes, many companies specialize in destination events, providing end-to-end solutions including travel arrangements, accommodation, and local logistics.
  7. How do event management companies ensure the success of an event?
    • Success is ensured through meticulous planning, experienced personnel, strong vendor relationships, and comprehensive on-site management.
  8. Can event management companies customize their services?
    • Yes, most companies offer customizable packages tailored to the specific needs and preferences of their clients.
  9. What should I consider when choosing an event management company?
    • Consider experience, portfolio, client testimonials, range of services, and the company’s understanding of your event requirements.
  10. How far in advance should I hire an event management company?
    • It’s advisable to hire an event management company at least 6-12 months in advance, especially for large-scale or destination events.

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