Top 10 Financial Inclusion Startups in India


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1. Paytm Payments Bank

Paytm Payments Bank offers a comprehensive suite of digital banking services aimed at bringing financial inclusion to the masses. With its user-friendly mobile platform, Paytm enables users to open savings accounts, make digital payments, and access a variety of banking services.

Founded 2015
Headquarters Noida
Services Digital banking, savings accounts, digital payments
Key Features Mobile platform, wide reach, user-friendly

Paytm Payments Bank – Top 10 Financial Inclusion Startups in India

2. MobiKwik

MobiKwik is a digital wallet and financial services platform that provides mobile banking, digital payments, and access to credit. It aims to empower users with seamless financial transactions and services.

Founded 2009
Headquarters Gurugram
Services Digital wallet, mobile banking, digital payments
Key Features Access to credit, seamless transactions

MobiKwik – Top 10 Financial Inclusion Startups in India

3. FINO Payments Bank

FINO Payments Bank focuses on offering accessible and affordable financial services to unbanked and underbanked individuals. With a strong presence in rural areas, it provides savings accounts, remittances, and insurance services.

Founded 2006
Headquarters Mumbai
Services Savings accounts, remittances, insurance
Key Features Rural focus, affordable services

FINO Payments Bank – Top 10 Financial Inclusion Startups in India

4. Jana Small Finance Bank

Jana Small Finance Bank provides a range of banking and financial products, including savings accounts, loans, and insurance, aimed at promoting financial inclusion among low-income households and small businesses.

Founded 2018
Headquarters Bengaluru
Services Savings accounts, loans, insurance
Key Features Low-income focus, comprehensive financial products

Jana Small Finance Bank – Top 10 Financial Inclusion Startups in India

5. MoneyOnMobile

MoneyOnMobile is a digital payment platform that enables users to perform a variety of financial transactions, including bill payments, money transfers, and mobile recharges, through their mobile phones.

Founded 2010
Headquarters Mumbai
Services Bill payments, money transfers, mobile recharges
Key Features Mobile-based transactions, ease of use

MoneyOnMobile – Top 10 Financial Inclusion Startups in India

6. KreditBee

KreditBee is an online lending platform that provides personal loans to individuals with minimal documentation and quick disbursement, making credit accessible to a larger population.

Founded 2018
Headquarters Bengaluru
Services Personal loans
Key Features Quick disbursement, minimal documentation

KreditBee – Top 10 Financial Inclusion Startups in India

7. CASHe

CASHe is a digital lending platform that offers short-term personal loans to salaried professionals. It uses a proprietary algorithm to assess creditworthiness and provide instant loans.

Founded 2016
Headquarters Mumbai
Services Short-term personal loans
Key Features Proprietary credit algorithm, instant loans

CASHe – Top 10 Financial Inclusion Startups in India

8. ftcash

ftcash offers digital payment solutions and small business loans to micro-merchants and small businesses. By enabling digital payments and providing access to credit, ftcash supports financial inclusion for small enterprises.

Founded 2015
Headquarters Mumbai
Services Digital payments, small business loans
Key Features Focus on micro-merchants, easy access to credit

ftcash – Top 10 Financial Inclusion Startups in India

9. EarlySalary

EarlySalary is a digital lending platform that provides instant salary advances and personal loans to young professionals. It aims to bridge short-term financial gaps with quick and easy access to credit.

Founded 2015
Headquarters Pune
Services Salary advances, personal loans
Key Features Instant disbursement, young professionals focus

EarlySalary – Top 10 Financial Inclusion Startups in India

10. MoneyTap

MoneyTap offers a flexible line of credit to users, allowing them to borrow as needed and repay with convenient EMIs. This innovative approach to personal finance provides accessible credit to a wider audience.

Founded 2015
Headquarters Bengaluru
Services Line of credit
Key Features Flexible borrowing, convenient EMIs

MoneyTap – Top 10 Financial Inclusion Startups in India

FAQs on Top 10 Financial Inclusion Startups in India

  1. What is financial inclusion and why is it important?
    • Financial inclusion refers to providing access to affordable financial services, such as banking, credit, insurance, and investment, to all individuals and businesses, especially the underserved and unbanked populations. It is important because it promotes economic development, reduces poverty, and enhances financial stability.
  2. Which are the top 10 financial inclusion startups in India?
    • The leading financial inclusion startups in India include:
      1. Paytm
      2. BharatPe
      3. Razorpay
      4. Khatabook
      5. MobiKwik
      6. Capital Float
      7. Kaleidofin
      8. MoneyTap
      9. Jumo India
      10. ZestMoney
  3. What services does Paytm provide to promote financial inclusion?
    • Paytm offers a wide range of services including mobile banking, digital payments, bill payments, financial products like insurance and mutual funds, and microloans, thus enabling financial access for millions of users.
  4. How does BharatPe support small businesses?
    • BharatPe provides small merchants with a QR code-based payment system, working capital loans, and other financial services to help them manage their business finances more effectively and grow their operations.
  5. What makes Razorpay a key player in financial inclusion?
    • Razorpay provides a comprehensive suite of financial services including payment gateways, payroll management, lending solutions, and neobanking services, facilitating seamless financial operations for businesses of all sizes.

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