With our in-depth analysis of the Top 10 LegalTech startups in India, you can discover the ever-changing landscape of the country’s legal technology market. By utilising cutting-edge technology, these creative businesses—Practice League, SoOLEGAL, LegalKart, VakilSearch, LawRato, Pensieve, MikeLegal, SpotDraft, Legistify, and CaseMine—are revolutionising legal services and increasing the accessibility, effectiveness, and affordability of legal aid. Learn how they improve efficiency, streamline processes, and democratise access to legal materials by utilising AI, automation, and cutting-edge software solutions. Discover how these entrepreneurs are transforming the legal sector in India, whether you’re a lawyer, a business owner, or someone in need of legal assistance.

1. Practice League

Aspect Details
Founded 2014
Headquarters Pune, India
Key Products/Services SaaS-based legal practice automation, contract lifecycle management, compliance management
Target Market Law firms, corporate legal departments
Notable Clients Over 8,000 lawyers globally
Website Practice League.com
Key Achievements Advanced solutions deployed globally, improving efficiency and agility in legal processes

Practice League – Top 10 LegalTech startups in India

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Practice League, a well-known participant in the legal IT sector with its headquarters located in Pune, provides SaaS-based products that automate several parts of legal practice. Practice League plays a crucial role in improving the effectiveness and agility of legal processes with its solutions, which are made to simplify operations in law firms and corporate legal departments. A whole range of products for legal management, contract lifecycle management, and compliance management are available from the organisation.


Aspect Details
Founded 2015
Headquarters Delhi, India
Founder Manish Kaul
Key Products/Services Online lawyer discovery platform, reputation management, practice management, professional development
Target Market Lawyers, law firms, individuals seeking legal advice
Website SoOLEGAL.com
Key Achievements Comprehensive service offerings, facilitating alignment with contemporary legal needs

SoOLEGAL – Top 10 LegalTech startups in India

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SoOLEGAL is a Delhi-based online discovery platform that links consumers with solicitors and law firms. It was founded in 2015 by Manish Kaul. Through a variety of tools and services, the platform facilitates professional development, practice management, and reputation management. Additionally, SoOLEGAL provides features like time tracking, invoicing, and document organisation to better meet the needs of modern law offices and attorneys.

3. VakilSearch

Aspect Details
Founded 2011
Headquarters Chennai, India
Key Products/Services Legal services for startups and businesses (incorporation, registrations, accounting), legal services for individuals (property agreements, tax filings)
Target Market Startups, established businesses, individuals
Website VakilSearch.com
Key Achievements One-click access to a wide range of legal and professional services

VakilSearch – Top 10 LegalTech startups in India

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VakilSearch is a technology-driven platform that provides both established and startup businesses with a wide range of legal services. Services like incorporation, government registrations, bookkeeping, documentation, and annual compliances are offered by the Chennai-based business. VakilSearch helps individuals with a variety of tasks, including tax filings and property agreements. Their goal is to make professional and legal services instantly accessible for any need.


Aspect Details
Founded 2015
Headquarters Delhi, India
Founder Rohan Mahajan
Key Products/Services Online lawyer discovery, interactive platform for legal queries, various modes of communication with lawyers
Target Market Individuals seeking legal advice
Website LawRato.com
Key Achievements Making legal services high quality, cost-effective, and on-demand

LawRato – Top 10 LegalTech startups in India

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Founded by Rohan Mahajan, LawRato is an interactive online platform designed to make it easier to find and hire top-rated lawyers across India. The Delhi-based startup facilitates communication between users and lawyers via email, phone, video calls, and face-to-face meetings. LawRato also allows users to post legal queries online and get them answered by qualified lawyers, thus making legal services more accessible and cost-effective.

5. Pensieve

Aspect Details
Founded 2015
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Founders Gaurav Shrivastava, Prahlad K Routh
Key Products/Services AI-driven legal research platform Mitra
Target Market Law firms, legal departments
Website Pensieve.co.in
Key Achievements Partnerships with IIT-Madras, used by over 300 customers, adopted by major law firms

Pensieve – Top 10 LegalTech startups in India

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Prahlad K. Routh and Gaurav Shrivastava co-founded Pensieve, which created the AI-powered legal research tool Mitra. Pensieve, a Mumbai-based company, serves more than 300 clients with its technology, including well-known legal practices like Argus and K Law. The site is a useful resource for legal practitioners since it uses AI to expedite legal research.


Aspect Details
Founded 2017
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Key Products/Services AI-powered legal research tools
Target Market Law firms, legal departments
Website MikeLegal.com
Key Achievements Enhancing productivity and accuracy in legal operations

MikeLegal– Top 10 LegalTech startups in India

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By automating repetitive operations, MikeLegal’s AI-powered legal research tools assist law firms and legal departments increase efficiency. This Mumbai-based startup is a go-to option for many legal practitioners looking to optimise their workflow because it focuses on increasing accuracy and efficiency in legal procedures.

7. SpotDraft

Aspect Details
Founded 2017
Headquarters Bangalore, India
Key Products/Services Contract lifecycle management
Target Market Businesses
Website SpotDraft.com
Key Achievements Automating contract creation and execution, reducing resources required for legal documentation

SpotDraft– Top 10 LegalTech startups in India

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SpotDraft is an automated contract development and execution tool that specialises in contract lifecycle management. The platform’s goal is to make contract management easier for companies, which will cut down on the resources needed for legal paperwork. SpotDraft is a well-liked option for companies wishing to simplify their contract procedures because of its extensive capabilities and user-friendly layout.


Aspect Details
Founded 2016
Headquarters Gurgaon, India
Key Products/Services End-to-end legal management system
Target Market Businesses
Website Legistify.com
Key Achievements Simplifying legal workflows, enhancing case tracking and compliance management

Legistify– Top 10 LegalTech startups in India

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With Legistify, organisations can streamline their legal procedures with an end-to-end legal management solution. Corporate clients may more easily handle their legal demands thanks to the platform’s solutions for case monitoring, compliance management, and legal process automation.


Aspect Details
Founded 2014
Headquarters Noida, India
Key Products/Services AI and machine learning-based legal research and analytics tools
Target Market Law firms, legal professionals
Website CaseMine.com
Key Achievements Improving the quality and efficiency of legal research

CaseMine– Top 10 LegalTech startups in India

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CaseMine offers sophisticated legal research and analytics solutions by leveraging AI and machine learning. The platform enhances the effectiveness and calibre of legal practitioners’ research by making it easier for them to locate precedents and related cases rapidly. Because of its cutting-edge technology, CaseMine is a great resource for law firms looking to improve their legal research skills.


Aspect Details
Founded 2018
Headquarters Gurgaon, India
Key Products/Services Legal services accessibility, 24/7 legal advice, legal documentation
Target Market General public, businesses
Website LegalKart.com
Key Achievements Democratizing legal access, building a comprehensive legal care ecosystem

LegalKart – Top 10 LegalTech startups in India

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LegalKart was established in 2018 with the goal of democratising legal access by lowering costs and increasing accessibility. The startup wants to create a full-service “legal care ecosystem” that offers 24/7 legal counsel and documentation services. With its creative strategy, LegalKart aims to lower the time and expense of legal services, increasing accessibility to legal counsel for a larger range of people.

FAQs on Top 10 LegalTech Startups in India

1. What is Practice League, and what services do they offer?

  • Answer: Practice League is a Pune-based legal tech startup founded in 2014. It provides SaaS-based solutions aimed at automating legal practices, contract lifecycle management, and compliance management. Their services help law firms and corporate legal departments enhance efficiency and streamline operations.

2. How does SoOLEGAL help connect users with legal professionals?

  • Answer: SoOLEGAL, founded in 2015 and based in Delhi, is an online discovery platform that connects users with lawyers and law firms. It offers services like reputation management, practice management, and professional development tools. Users can find and hire lawyers for various legal needs, making legal services more accessible.

3. What makes LegalKart unique in the legal tech space?

  • Answer: LegalKart, launched in 2018, focuses on making legal services affordable and accessible by providing 24/7 legal advice and documentation services. Their vision is to build a comprehensive ‘legal care ecosystem’ that simplifies and reduces the costs and time associated with obtaining legal assistance.

4. What range of services does VakilSearch offer?

  • Answer: VakilSearch provides a broad spectrum of legal services for both businesses and individuals. For businesses, they offer services such as incorporation, government registrations, accounting, and compliance. For individuals, they assist with property agreements, tax filings, and more. Their goal is to offer one-click access to various legal and professional services.

5. How does LawRato enhance the accessibility of legal services?

  • Answer: LawRato, founded by Rohan Mahajan, is an interactive platform that helps users find and hire top-rated lawyers across India. It offers various modes of communication, including email, phone, and video calls, to make legal consultations more accessible and cost-effective. Users can also post legal queries online and receive answers from qualified lawyers.

6. What is the primary function of Pensieve’s Mitra platform?

  • Answer: Pensieve’s Mitra platform is an AI-driven legal research tool that helps legal professionals streamline their research processes. It employs artificial intelligence to provide advanced legal research capabilities, making it a valuable tool for law firms and legal departments. The platform is widely used by over 300 customers, including major law firms.

7. What advantages does MikeLegal offer to law firms and legal departments?

  • Answer: MikeLegal offers AI-powered legal research tools that automate routine tasks, enhancing productivity and accuracy in legal operations. This Mumbai-based startup helps legal professionals save time on research and focus on more strategic aspects of their work.

8. How does SpotDraft streamline contract management for businesses?

  • Answer: SpotDraft specializes in contract lifecycle management, automating the creation and execution of contracts. Their platform helps businesses manage contracts more efficiently, reducing the time and resources required for legal documentation. This makes SpotDraft a valuable tool for companies looking to streamline their contract processes.

9. What solutions does Legistify provide for legal workflow management?

  • Answer: Legistify offers an end-to-end legal management system designed to simplify legal workflows for businesses. Their platform includes tools for case tracking, compliance management, and workflow automation, making it easier for corporate clients to manage their legal needs effectively.

10. How does CaseMine utilize AI and machine learning in legal research?

  • Answer: CaseMine leverages AI and machine learning to provide advanced legal research and analytics tools. Their platform helps legal professionals quickly find precedents and related cases, improving the quality and efficiency of legal research. This technology makes CaseMine an essential tool for law firms seeking to enhance their research capabilities.

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