The top ten retail technology startups in India are using cutting-edge tools like blockchain, AI, ML, and IoT to revolutionise the retail industry. Discover how omnichannel experiences, customer engagement, and supply chain efficiency are being improved by innovators like Jumbotail, ShopX, and Fynd. Explore their success stories to gain insight into how companies are driving development, establishing new standards, and addressing particular issues in the Indian market. Discover how India’s vibrant RetailTech ecosystem is transforming shopping into a more intelligent, quick, and easy experience—whether you’re an investor, retailer, or simply interested in the future of retail. Here, we’ve highlighted ten noteworthy RetailTech companies that are revolutionising the Indian retail market.


Founded 2015
Headquarters Bengaluru
Services Wholesale marketplace, logistics
Innovation AI-driven inventory management
Website Jumbotail

Jumbotail – Top 10 RetailTech Startups in India

Jumbotail’s mission is to transform the food and grocery supply chain through technology. By offering a digital platform that connects thousands of small retailers directly with suppliers and manufacturers, Jumbotail simplifies the procurement process. Retailers can place orders through a user-friendly app, access a wide variety of products, and enjoy fast, reliable delivery. Jumbotail also provides credit solutions to help small retailers manage their cash flow, further empowering them to compete with larger players. Their use of AI and data analytics ensures efficient inventory management and demand forecasting, reducing waste and optimizing supply chain operations.


Founded 2015
Headquarters Bengaluru
Key Services Fashion supply chain, financial services
Mission To empower fashion and lifestyle brands
Website Zilingo

Zilingo – Top 10 RetailTech Startups in India

Zilingo wants to completely transform the fashion business by offering a fully integrated platform that takes care of the whole supply chain. Zilingo provides brands with tools to optimise their operations, ranging from procuring raw materials to overseeing inventories and finances. The platform helps brands make data-driven decisions by using advanced analytics to reveal market trends. To aid in the expansion of businesses, Zilingo also provides financial services including credit lines and loans. Zilingo is an essential partner for fashion and lifestyle businesses because it uses technology to help brands lower costs, increase efficiency, and boost their market presence.


Founded 2015
Headquarters Bengaluru
Services B2B e-commerce platform
Innovation Technology-driven retail solutions
Website ShopX

ShopX – Top 10 RetailTech Startups in India

ShopX uses technology to provide a strong platform for business-to-business e-commerce that connects manufacturers and merchants. ShopX eliminates intermediaries, enabling retailers to buy goods at competitive costs and improve their profit margins. Retailers may monitor stock levels and demand with the use of the platform’s inventory management tools and logistical solutions. Additionally, ShopX offers integrated payment options, which simplify and secure purchases. ShopX hopes to modernise the retail ecosystem and improve small businesses’ overall profitability and efficiency by providing retailers with these tools.

4. Bikayi

Founded 2019
Headquarters Hyderabad
Services Online store setup, catalog management
Innovation User-friendly e-commerce solutions
Website Bikayi

Bikayi – Top 10 RetailTech Startups in India

Bikayi’s mission is to empower small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) by giving them an easy-to-use platform to launch their own online stores. With the platform’s extensive catalogue management options, firms can upload and manage their product listings with ease. In order to help businesses manage transactions and delivery efficiently, Bikayi also combines payment gateways and logistics services. Bikayi makes it easier for SMEs to go online, which expands their customer base, boosts revenue, and positions them for success in the online market.


Founded 2010
Headquarters Mumbai
Services Retail management solutions
Key Feature Data-driven insights and analytics
Website Peel-Works

Peel-Works – Top 10 RetailTech Startups in India

A range of retail management solutions from Peel-Works are available to help traditional stores run more efficiently. Features like customer relationship management, sales tracking, and inventory management are available on its platform. Peel-Works uses data analytics to give retailers useful insights into how their businesses are performing, enabling them to make more educated decisions. Additionally, the platform provides solutions for supply chain optimisation and personnel management, enabling retailers to run their businesses more successfully and efficiently. Peel-Works’ all-inclusive solutions help shops cut expenses, boost customer satisfaction, and make more money.


Founded 2009
Headquarters Jakarta (Presence in India)
Services Online marketplace
Innovation Integrated logistics and payment
Website Tokopedia

Tokopedia – Top 10 RetailTech Startups in India

With a rising following in India, Tokopedia has made a name for itself as one of Southeast Asia’s top online marketplaces. The platform offers a wide variety of things, from fashion to electronics, and links millions of customers and sellers. Tokopedia’s safe payment gateway guarantees a smooth transaction experience, and its integrated logistics solutions guarantee effective delivery. Additionally, the platform provides tools for vendors to measure sales, manage inventory, and interact with clients. Tokopedia strives to democratise and make commerce accessible to everybody by offering a whole e-commerce environment.


Founded 2013
Headquarters Bengaluru
Services Digital retail solutions
Key Feature Smart store transformation
Website SnapBizz

SnapBizz – Top 10 RetailTech Startups in India

With the use of its digital products, SnapBizz hopes to turn conventional retail establishments into smart businesses. With the help of the platform’s solutions for inventory management, automatic invoicing, and customer engagement, small shops may streamline their business processes. SnapBizz lets merchants better manage their inventory, lower billing errors, and interact with customers through loyalty programmes and incentives by digitising the retail process. Small businesses aiming to compete in the contemporary retail landscape can benefit from SnapBizz’s solutions because they are simple to use and deploy.

8. Udaan

Founded 2016
Headquarters Bengaluru
Services B2B e-commerce, logistics
Key Feature Extensive product catalog
Website Udaan

Udaan – Top 10 RetailTech Startups in India

A B2B e-commerce platform called Udaan was created to make small and medium-sized firms’ procurement procedures easier. Udaan gives retailers access to a huge product catalogue at affordable rates by putting them in direct contact with manufacturers and wholesalers. The platform’s integrated payment system provides safe and convenient ways to make payments, and its logistical solutions guarantee on-time delivery. Retailers can cut expenses and increase their profit margins with the aid of Udaan’s supply chain optimisation efforts. The software also helps retailers manage their business operations by offering solutions for inventory management and sales tracking.

9. ShopClues

Founded 2011
Headquarters Gurugram
Services Online marketplace
Innovation Focus on affordability and regional markets
Website ShopClues

ShopClues – Top 10 RetailTech Startups in India

ShopClues is an e-commerce platform that caters to the diverse needs of Indian consumers. With a focus on affordability, ShopClues offers a wide range of products, including electronics, fashion, and home goods, at competitive prices. The platform’s user-friendly interface and regional market focus make it accessible to a broad audience across India. ShopClues also supports small and medium-sized sellers by providing them with a platform to reach a larger customer base. By emphasizing affordability and regional inclusivity, ShopClues aims to make online shopping accessible and convenient for everyone.

10. Fynd

Founded 2012
Headquarters Mumbai
Services Omnichannel retail platform
Key Feature Seamless integration of channels
Website Fynd

Fynd – Top 10 RetailTech Startups in India

Fynd provides an omnichannel retail solution that smoothly combines online and in-store purchasing. Fynd makes sure that customers can access products whether they shop online, in-store, or through a mobile app by unifying inventory across all channels. The platform’s strong logistics capabilities guarantee prompt delivery and effective handling of returns. Furthermore, Fynd offers consumer interaction solutions like loyalty programmes and tailored marketing, assisting businesses in forging closer bonds with their clientele. Retailers may increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline operations with the help of Fynd’s all-inclusive strategy.

FAQs about Top 10 RetailTech Startups in India

Q: What is a RetailTech startup?
A: A RetailTech startup is a company that leverages technology to innovate and improve various aspects of the retail industry. This includes solutions for inventory management, customer engagement, supply chain optimization, e-commerce platforms, and more.

Q: How do RetailTech startups benefit retailers?
A: RetailTech startups benefit retailers by providing advanced tools and platforms that streamline operations, enhance customer experience, increase sales, and reduce operational costs. These technologies help retailers stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Q: Are RetailTech startups regulated in India?
A: RetailTech startups in India must comply with various regulations and guidelines related to e-commerce, data protection, consumer rights, and financial transactions. Regulatory bodies such as the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) oversee these aspects.

Q: How can I trust the quality of services offered by RetailTech startups?
A: Retailers can trust the quality of services offered by RetailTech startups by checking for industry certifications, user reviews, ratings, and case studies. Many startups also partner with established technology providers and undergo regular audits to ensure the reliability and security of their solutions.

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